Fakenham Christmas Tree Festival

The Age Concern Fakenham Area Minibus Christmas Tree was seen at the annual Christmas Tree Festival at Fakenham Church where 54 charities and organisations have decorated trees on the pews, up the aisle and into the chancel.


Len has just finished counting the buckets from the Christmas tree festival and has announced a new record of £203.12.  Well done everyone for making it possible and well done Len for counting it.  Lloyds bank will be delighted to see you on Monday with your bags of 1p’s and 2p’s!

There are decorations and lights of every colour, from the blue of the Wells RNLI to the green of Ellie’s Love. There are even knitted hat decorations from the knitting group, horses for North Norfolk Riding for the Disabled and pompom owls for the Hawk and Owl Trust. The Age Concern Fakenham Area Minibus tree can be easily identified by a large array of internally lit red and blue model minibuses.

All the trees have again been donated by Fakenham Garden Centre.

It also includes six prayer trees for people to remember lost loved ones. The prayers are offered at a special service in January.

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