Committee Duties

Drivers’ managers:

  • Coordinate weekly runs for drivers and helpers, provide cover for holidays and sickness.
  • Answer calls from over 55s wishing to use bus, having queries or changing plans.
  • Monitor condition of bus and arrange for daily fuel and weekly cleaning inside and out.
  • Arrange MOT and service as necessary.
  • Ensure all drivers and helpers deal with passengers in a safe and sensitive manner.
  • Organise hire of bus to suitable groups outside the project and ensure driver is eligible for bus.
  • Update committee regularly on relevant information regarding bus, passengers and volunteers.
  • Identify and recruit and induct drivers and helpers, ensuring their continuing progress.
  • Prepare reports for committee meetings and AGM.


  • Agree agenda for all meetings with secretary.
  • Chair meetings.
  • Represent the project at external meetings and with the media.
  • Give report at AGM.
  • Call ‘extra-ordinary’ meetings when necessary.


  • Minute accurately all meetings and disseminate to committee members.
  • Distribute agendas ahead of meetings.
  • Send and receive letters and e-mails on behalf of the project.
  • Organise leaving acknowledgement of drivers and helpers.


  • Receive and monitor daily and weekly takings.
  • Deal with on-line bank accounts.
  • Update committee on financial situation, bringing bank print-outs to meetings.
  • Prepare annual accounts for independent examination ahead of AGM.
  • Receive and acknowledge grants and donations and bank as necessary.
  • Pay bills and reimburse volunteers as per claim and receipt.
  • Keep financial records and balance books.
  • Prepare and deliver report at AGM, answering queries as required.

All committee members:

  • Join with fund raising activities.
  • Attend meetings and keep updated on the project.