Data Protection Policy

As approved by the Trustees on 12th May 2015

Age Concern Fakenham Area Minibus only collects contact details of passengers, volunteers and trustee/committee. Details from drivers for insurance purposes are returned directly to them. We do not, therefore, need to be registered with the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Age Concern Fakenham Area Minibus (ACFAM) holds three types of information covered by this policy.

  • Organisational information – publicly available information about organisations and some confidential information.
  • Personal information – information about individuals such as names and addresses.
  • Sensitive information – this is not held at present (May 2015) but if this were to change we would need to register with the DPO.

Information about organisations is not covered by the Data Protection Act. The organisations and people about which ACFAM holds information are referred to in this policy as data subjects.

1. ACFAM will not hold information about individuals without their knowledge and consent.

2. ACFAM will only hold information for specific purposes. It will inform data subjects what those purposes are. It will also inform them if those purposes change.

3. Information will not be retained once it is no longer required for its stated purpose.

4. Data subjects will be entitled to have access to information held about them by ACFAM.

5. Information about data subjects will not be disclosed to other organisations or to individuals who are not members of ACFAM or the trustee board except in circumstances where this is a legal requirement, where there is explicit or implied consent or where the information is publicly available elsewhere.

6. ACFAM has procedures for ensuring the security of all personal data. Paper records containing confidential personnel data are disposed of in a secure way.

7. All new volunteers will be given training on the data protection policy and procedures.

8. ACFAM will carry out an annual review of its data protection policy and procedures.