Trustee Responsibilities

Trustees to:

  • Comply with Charity Law and send Annual Income Report to the Charity Commission.
  • All Trustees have same level of responsibility and need to run the Charity efficiently with charitable outcomes.
  • Follow their Constitution, which, apart from the object and dissolution, can be changed.
  • Trustees must act with integrity and avoid conflict of interest.
  • There should be a minimum of 3 trustees but there is no maximum. A good number would be 8.
  • If other skills are needed trustees can be co-opted.
  • Charitable funds can only be used for the furtherance of our charitable objective.
  • Trustees accept responsibility not to damage the Charity’s reputation.
  • Trustees will be defended by law and the Charity Commission if they have taken good advice but made a wrong decision.
  • Ineligible people to be a trustees are:

1.   Anyone disqualified as a company director.
2.  Anyone who is benefiting from the charity

Trustees can be liable for debts of the charity. There is a need to manage risk. The Charity needs to have reasonable reserves and have at least 3 months running costs.

See also Charity Trustee Guidance