Letter from Mrs Mooney, Fakenham. October 2020

To whom it may concern,

Just a little something to help the wheels go round on the ‘chariots of fire’ which picks me up on a Thursday and takes me into the bustling town.

The driver Rob and helper Alan are both lovely gentlemen and always ready for a laugh, of which we have quite a few. Its a jolly bus.

Please keep up the good work.

Article printed in The Lynn News – 28th August 2018

Fakenham Ukes donate £500 to Age Concern

The Fakenham Ukes band did more than just entertain with their upbeat toe-tapping music at Fakenham’s second annual music festival.

Tucked away in group leader Graham Thomas’s back pocket was also a cheque for £500 which they presented to Bob Francis, chairman of the Age Concern Fakenham Area Mini-Bus, at the end of their set.

They entertain wherever invited and charge no fee but ask for a donation which goes into their charity chest.

Pictured above, Ukes leader Graham Thomas presenting a £500 cheque to Age Concern’s chairman Bob Francis.

Letter printed in The Fakenham & District Sun – Issue 239 – December 2015

Dear Editor

The Wells Nelson Club committee and members would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Age Concern Fakenham Minibus for now being able to provide us with a community bus and volunteer driver fortnightly on a Thursday. This means so much to all of us that we can now continue as we were. Thank you all so very much.

Diana Claxton, Wells Nelson Club